TrueNute Flower and Fruit Mix Subscriptions 150 - 550 Gallons

TrueNute Fruiting and Flowering For 150 to 550 Gallon Systems, One Dose Every Two Weeks. Each Shipment has two nutrient/mineral packs that are to be added every other week.

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For the very best flower and fruiting you can get, the TrueNute Flower and Fruit mix is key. With all plants that flower or fruit, start these packs when the first flowers are spotted. Also it is highly recommended that you add on the TrueNute Micro Nutrient Mix every two months to keep the micros in range for the plants. The pictures show plants that have moved from vegetative to flower and fruiting mix.

Please note, this mix is for systems with a PH of 7.5 or lower. If your PH is 7.6 or above, please adjust it down before you start adding this mix so that the minerals will be available to the plants.

Also recommended is the TrueNute Micro Nutrient Mix that you will add once every three months for greens or once every two months for Flowering and Fruiting plants.

If your plants are still in the vegetative growth cycle, please use the TrueNute Vegetative Growth Kits.