TrueNute Fake Fish - Ammonium Sulfate

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Why take a chance of killing fish when you can naturally cycle your new or reworked aquaponics system?

  • One pound per package.
  • Add 5 ML of the ammonium Sulfate to your system of 200 gallons. Use more or less depending on the size of your system.
  • If you need help deciding how much to use, let us know, we are here to help, and that means holding your had if we need to.
  • Let the system circulate for about 1 hour and check the ammonia level, you are shooting for 5 PPM.
  • If you are below 5 PPM, add another dose and let the system cycle for another hour.
  • Keep checking and repeating the steps until you get to 5 PPM, but do not rush it.
  • After you reach 5 PPM, stop adding and let the system keep running.
  • 24 hours later, test the ammonia level again, and add or not, depending on the level of ammonia in the water.
  • Wait till the level of ammonia drops to 3 PPM before adding again. Try to maintain 5 PPM until nitrite starts to show up.

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