TrueNute Vegetative Growth Subscriptions

The "TrueNute Vegetative Grow Mix" has been finely tuned in to bring your system water as close to balanced as it can be without the need for monthly water testing in most cases.

We offer the mix measured out for you and shipped to your mailbox once per month. That's right you get a full month of the much needed minerals to add to your system in two doses per month.

Here are the results that we keep seeing over and over from different customers just like you.

Below is a picture sent to us by one of our customers, the most noticeable issue here is calcium deficiency.

  Before Veg Dose
​In this picture, you see much the same issue.

Before Veg Dose

The next picture is of the same batch of plants about 1 week after the first dose was added.

1 week after first Veg dose

This one is also from about 1 week after the first Veg Dose.

About 1 week after first dose

What's in the mix?

  • Calcium
  • Iron Chelate
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphate

This does not cover the micro-nutrients that your plants need. Here is a link to the TrueNute Micro-nutrient mix packs. Click here to view the TrueNute Micro-Nutrients page.

Below are links and pricing to setup a subscription to the TrueNute Vegetative Growth packs. Remember you get two doses in every shipment. Be sure to order as close to the true volume of water in your full system taking into account any filters and grow-beds. Please feel free to contact us if you need help or just want to make sure you got it right.

 Gallons in your System

Click the system size below

to set up your subscription.

Your monthly Cost              
100 Gallon System $24.00
150 Gallon System $25.50
200 Gallon System $27.00
250 Gallon System $28.50
300 Gallon System $30.00
350 Gallon System $31.50
400 Gallon System $33.00
450 Gallon System $34.50
500 Gallon System $36.00
550 Gallon System $37.50
600 Gallon System $39.00
650 Gallon System $40.50
700 Gallon System $42.00
750 Gallon System $43.50
800 Gallon System $45.00
850 Gallon System $46.50
900 Gallon System $48.00
950 Gallon System $49.50                                                                     
1000 Gallon System $51.00
1100 Gallon System $52.50
1200 Gallon System $54.00
1300 Gallon System $55.50
1400 Gallon System $57.00
1500 Gallon System $58.50
1600 Gallon System $60.00
1700 Gallon System $61.50
1800 Gallon System $63.00
1900 Gallon System $64.50
2000 Gallon System $66.00