TrueNute Potassium Silicate

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Fully water soluble potassium silicate power is just perfect for Aquaponics Systems.

  • Provides resistance to mineral stress.

  • Decreases climate stress.

  • Improves strength.

  • Increases growth and yield.

  • Helps plants to resist toxicity from phosphorous, manganese, aluminum and iron.

  • Increases tolerance to salt.

  • Protect the plants from botrytis (grey mold) and powdery mildew (PM) to benefit the growth of the plant..

  • Use as a foliar spray to prevent molds, bacteria's and fungi's to benefit the growth of the plant.

  • Potassium Silicate is not a pesticide but when used as a foliar spray it is a wonderful pest deterrent.

All around, this is a truly great addition to your nutrient mineral set.
Ways to implement

  • Potassium Silicate Can be used Safely as PH Up!
  • Premix in water and use acid to lower the PH of the solution to where you want it to be and then add it to your system water.
  • Foliar Spray!

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