TrueNute Iron Chelate FeDTPA 11%

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FeDTPA Iron Chelate 11% is available for plant uptake from the PH levels in the high 5's and up to 7.5. Corrects yellowing of leaves in new growth. Instructions can be downloaded below.

How can you tell if your plants need iron?

  • New growth most affected.

  • Yellowing between the leaf veins.

Iron Chelate is added to aquaponics and hydroponics systems because soluble iron is not naturally occurring in our system water. There may be a lot of iron present in your water that comes out of the tap or from your water well, but most of the time, this iron is locked out because it is Ferric Iron, and is insoluble. Ferrous Iron is soluble but will very easily add an positive ion making it ferric and therefore useless to our plants. Our iron is chelated, so it will through off that extra ion for three weeks and then will oxidize and become ferric. We offer two types of iron chelate depending on your PH level.

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