TrueNute K-MAG
TrueNute K-MAG
TrueNute K-MAG

TrueNute K-MAG

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Instructions can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

TrueNute K-MAG is comprised of three minerals. 22% K (Potassium) 11% Mg (Magnesium) and 21% S (Sulfur) This product is OMRI listed.

If you are growing most any crops in aquaponics, most likely you need both K and Mg as neither are normally naturally occurring in water, tap or well.

With Potassium Deficiencies you may see;

  • Old Growth is Affected First
  • Yellowing between the Veins of the Leaves
  • Plant Leaves will cup
  • Plants will wilt in the heat of the day
  • Dry or dead edges develop  in extreme cases
  • Tomatoes that split open or ripen unevenly

With Magnesium Deficiencies you may see;

  • Old growth affected first
  • The leaves will turn yellow at the edges
  • You may see dead brown or grey spots on the leaves or around the edges
  • Affected leaves may fall off

We have added a picture of a leaf that shows both magnesium and potassium deficiency.

We carry TrueNute K-MAG in 1 pound and 4 pound bags, free delivery to the USA. When we repack the K-MAG, it loses it OMRI listing.


 Instructions SDS Sheets and Label