TrueNute Sodium Molybdate Dihydrate

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  • Trusted worldwide for quality, and use in Aquaponics to be fish, people and bacteria safe when used as directed.
  • Used when your "NITRATE" level is at 80 PPM or more to help plants not lock nutrients out.
  • Simplified instructions that are easy to understand are included with every shipment!!!

To be used if your nitrate is too high in your aquaponics system and you are seeing any of the symptoms listed below.

Use in aquaponics at any time but especially when your nitrate level is over 80 PPM. When Nitrate is higher than 80 PPM, it will lock itself and other minerals out from plants.

Molybdenum deficiency will look a lot like nitrogen deficiency however your nitrate levels will be over 80 PPM in your system water.

  • Upward cupping of leaves.
  • Mottled spots
  • Turning into interveinal chlorosis
  • Cauliflower may exhibit a whiptail appearance
  • While very rare, molybdenum toxicity is easy to spot in your plants, the leaves will be a very brilliant orange color.
  • We sell in 1 ounce packets, it will last a long time and go a long way.
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