TrueNute Calcium Carbonate

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TrueNute Calcium Carbonate to add calcium to your system and slowly bring the PH up as well as add calcium and magnesium to your system solution.

Calcium is essential for plant health. Symptoms of a calcium deficiency are as follows.

  • Dead/brown spots on the fast growing stems of young parts of the plant on on the new growth leaves.

  • Abnormally green foliage.

  • Premature shedding of blossoms/buds.

  • Weekend Stems.

  • Blossom End Rot (BER), grey/brown spots on the blossom end of the fruit.

We offer TrueNute Calcium Sulfate in 16 oz and 64 oz bags.

TrueNute Calcium Carbonate can raise your PH, so if you have your PH where you want it, or you have a high PH, this is not the calcium to add to your system water. Maintaining the correct calcium level can be tricky. Please purchase a calcium test kit to ensure you are maintaining the correct calcium levels as per the instructions included with your shipment. We have listed the test kit we use below.

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Calcium Test Kit

We offer three types of calcium depending on your system needs and conditions, click here to see all three.