TrueNute Tomato & Pepper Growing Kits

TrueNute Tomato & Pepper Growing Kits

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Instructions can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

These are complete grow out kits from start to finish. Want to grow heavenly tomatoes and peppers, this is what you need to use. This is for determinate tomato and pepper plants.

Growing tomatoes and peppers in aquaponics has its challenges. The biggest challenge aquaponic growers have is learning the specific nutrient and mineral needs of the tomato & pepper plants. Here at True Aquaponics, we have spent years testing and learning exactly what they need.

As a result, we have formulated several mineral mixes to be added to aquaponic systems depending on the stage your plants or in, either a vegetative state or flower & fruiting state.

The vegetative blend should be added from the time that the plants are seedlings up until the first blooms are noticed which is normally 6-7 weeks. After the first blooms are noticed you should switch to the flowering blend for the best results.

The sizes that we offer are from 50 gallons to 2000 gallons. If your system is larger than 2000 gallons, please contact us for a quote, we may be able to save you some money. These are complete grow kits from start to finish.

The kits consist of the following.

  • Four 2 week Vegetative Blends - You should only need 3, but if they are slow to bloom we include an extra pack
  • Six 2 week Flower & Fruit Blends - Five will take care of most, but if they produce a few weeks extra, we include an extra.
  • Three Micro-nutrient packs

If you need more of either, we offer singles.

Simply choose your system size below. Make sure to account for all the water in your system when making the choice.

Click here to download instructions.