TrueNute - Chlorine and Chloramines Remover - Sodium Thiosulfate

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This trusted compound is used by people that raise prized Koi and other high dollar fish.

It is also plant and people safe.

It takes a very small amount to remove the chlorine/chloramine from your water that is used to fill or top off your aquaponics system. 

4 PPM is the norm in the United States, but you should still test your water before and after treatment to insure all is well. 

The more you order the cheaper it gets due to shipping. Treatment instructions are included with your order but if you need help, please let us know.

  • One ounce will treat about 535 gallons of water.

  • Once pound will treat roughly 8500 gallons of water.

Please note that is will not remove the ammonia from the chlorimine, but your system bacteria will take care of the ammonia without an issue.

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