TrueNute Three Week Nutrient Dose 1500 - 6000 Gallon Systems

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Introducing the True Aquaponics TrueNute "Three Week Nutrient Dose", for Aquaponic system maintenance.

The TrueNute Three Week Dose comes in two PH levels, Low PH (7.5 and below) and high PH (7.6 and above). It is perfectly fish safe and your plants will love you for it.

This does not contain any nitrate as your fish should be supplying all of that, but it does include several of the minerals that your plants need on a day to day basis in order to grow and produce as they should. Yes this is the quick and easy way to boost your system's performance so that you will have healthier plants and cut out those pesky nutrient deficiencies in the future. You can order one pack at a time or multiple packs at once or sign up for a subscription so you will always know when to add it again.

The minerals are as listed below.

  • Iron keyed to your PH level
  • Potassium Sulfate OMRI listed
  • Magnesium Sulfate Greenhouse Grade

These three are the most often deficient mineral nutrients in Aquaponics systems as they are not naturally occurring in water. We provide a very nice balance for your system when you chose the correct size pack.

NPK is 0-0-20 but that does not account for the iron nor magnesium.

Every three weeks you should add the dose to insure that the mineral levels stay at the proper levels that allow the plants to produce not just better looking food but that is better for us to eat.

After all, if we don’t grow food that makes us healthy, then what’s the point? Just buy your food from Walmart or the Dollar Store.