Symtoms at the Base of the Plant

When the symptoms are at the base of your plant, you are looking at 4 possible nutrient/mineral deficiencies. 

N,P,K or Mg, these are all mobile nutrients.

So which one is it? Deficiencies can look alike in part, and that can make it hard to decide what the issue really is. We will try to break this down to make your choices easier. For more explanation of the questions, look further down the page.

  • Do you see uniform chlorosis?
  • Are plants going to flower when they are still small?
  • Are leaves falling off that are not dead?
  • Do the plants have deep green leaves?
  • Lower leaves have turning purple?
  • Interveinal chlorosis on older leaves?
  • Do you see dead spots or the edge of leaves dying on older leaves that occur quickly?