TrueNute Tomato Growers Kits

Growing tomatoes in aquaponics has its challenges. The biggest challenge aquaponic growers have is learning the specific nutrient and mineral needs of tomato plants. Here at True Aquaponics, we have spent years testing, learning exactly what tomato plants need.

As a result, we have formulated several mineral mixes to be added to aquaponic systems depending on the stage your tomato plants or in, either a vegetative state or flower and fruiting state.

The vegetative blend can be added from the time that the tomato plants are seedlings up until the first blooms are noticed. After the first blooms are noticed you should switch to the flowering blend for the best results.

You will also want to use our micro-nutrient mix which covers a set of minerals which are not included in the vegetative or flowering kits. When used in conjunction the vegetative flowering and micro-nutrient mix kits, you will get outstanding growth of your tomato plants as well as many other fruiting plants and leafy greens.

We offer these in kits from 50 gallon systems to 5000 gallon systems. If you have a larger system, please contact us for a quote.

For a bit of contrast, here are two pictures of tomato plants that were planted at the started on the same day, the first picture is in miracle grow potting soil, the second is in an aquaponics system using our TrueNute formulas. In both the soil and aquaponics system, the plants are 7 weeks old.The difference is astounding.

The above picture is in soil.
This picture is in an aquaponics system using the TrueNute line of mineral packs.
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