TrueNute Vegetative Growth 1100-2000 Gallon Subscriptions

TrueNute Vegetative Growth 1100-2000 Gallon Subscriptions

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The TrueNute Veg Kits are for growers that are growing greens for the most part. While you can grow about 5% fruiting plants on this mix, you will get better results if you have a mixed system of vegetative and fruiting plants if you use the Flower kits. The doses are measured for a two week dosing agenda. You get your kit and dose every other week to keep your greens getting the nourishment they need in order to give you the nourishment you need. If you are growing more than 5% fruiting plants in your system, please use the TrueNute Flowering and Fruiting Kit as you will have much better results.

Please note, this mix is for systems with a PH of 7.5 or lower. If your PH is 7.6 or above, please adjust it down before you start adding this mix so that the minerals will be available to the plants. You should notice a change in your plants within days of adding the mix. The kits are formulated to be added every two weeks.

As with many of our products, "FREE SHIPPING" is included.

Also recommended is the TrueNute Micro Nutrient Mix that you will add once every three months for greens or once every two months for Flowering and Fruiting plants