What is Wrong With My Plant

We are going to help you diagnose your plant nutrient issues in your aquaponic system. Be honest when answering the questions so you don't end up taking a course of action that is not helpful for your garden.

The first step is make sure you are not having a mechanical issue that is causing the deficiency to show up. Also you need to be sure that it is not a pest issue, but be aware that mineral deficiencies can bring on pest issues as nature tries to remove sick plants.

At this point, we will assume that you do indeed have a nutrient/mineral deficiency, and as such we will ask several questions that will give you multiple options to choose from so you can narrow down what your plants are lacking. Please note, you may have multiple issues and may need to go through this more than once for each set of issues you see on your plants.

Please wait for each page to load fully before clicking on an answer.

What part of the plant do you see an issue?

  • Top of the Plant - New Growth
  • Bottom/Base of the Plant - Old Growth
  • Middle/Whole of the Plant