RaftMaster™ Frame for Deep Water Culture 4' Wide
RaftMaster™ Frame for Deep Water Culture 4' Wide
RaftMaster™ Frame for Deep Water Culture 4' Wide

RaftMaster™ Frame for Deep Water Culture 4' Wide

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What Is The RaftMaster™?

The RaftMaster™ is a modular framing system for deep water culture growers. Made from durable galvanized tubing, the engineered design and precision manufacturing allow for sizing flexibility from 4' to 8' widths, to any length in 2' increments.  The modular design makes this an ideal frame for backyard growers to large commercial operations.

The RaftMaster™ is carefully designed to utilize only a few different components and with the step-by-step assembly manual, the frame can be quickly assembled.  Bulky wooden frames that warp, rot, and are insect-prone are now obsolete! No more wasting your time measuring, cutting, nailing, and painting!



Why Use The RaftMaster™?

  • Time is Money: Why waste your time trying to  build a frame out of wood?  Plus cutting out materials, trying to figure out how to put it all together, and then painting it?  We've done all the hard work and produced an easy to assemble frame!

  • No Bugs: Most frames are constructed from wood.  Usually this lumber is treated with nasty chemicals to prevent rotting or is painted.  Eventually the lumber becomes infested with termites, fire ants, carpenter ants, or other wood-boring pests.

  • Complete Kit:  The RaftMaster™ frame comes with everything you need: Frame components, screws, bolts, and liner clips.  Just add the liner and your deep water culture bed is ready!

  • Standard Sizing: The frame is designed to hold standard 2'x4' rafts (or any raft in a multiple of 2' sizes).  The RaftMaster™ bed is slightly larger in length and width to accommodate a little wiggle room for the liner and raft movements.

  • Flexible Sizing: Designed to be expandable by 2' sections, the RaftMaster™ will accommodate almost any growing space. 

  • Easy Assembly:  We provide a detailed step-by-step assembly manual that contains accurate and concise diagrams.  There are only a few unique parts and with the simple instructions, you'll probably just ignore the instructions once you start assembling!

  • Light Weight: The tubular design is strong, but light. Most of the smaller beds can be assembled and then moved into their final location.

  • Strong:  Although you shouldn't do this, we have walked along the edges of our frames and they didn't buckle under the weight of an adult.

  • Long Lasting: The RaftMaster™ is fabricated from galvanized steel - the same type of material used to construct many commercial greenhouse.  This will provide you with years of dependable use.