TrueNute Fish Tank Heater

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Read everything on this page before you place an order, and feel free to contact us if you have questions.

Please choose your options below, and then add the item to your cart. Currently build times are about 5 days plus one full day to test the completed unit before it ships. Do not wait until the last minute to order as we will not move anyone to the front of the line. We do ship outside of the USA, so please contact us for a shipping quote.

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Specs for each heater are listed below.

Please note there is a Restocking fee of 15% which covers retesting of the heater/heaters to insure they are in good working order.

All heaters have a built in digital thermostat that is easy to adjust with a LCD readout that shows the current water temperature and your set-point for water temperature. Please note, the element cover is no longer used on the 1650 watt units. It is shown in the video, but that part has been discontinued.

We also now offer an add on option that will give you the air temperature at the heater location, this way you can monitor your water and air temps at any given moment.

The 1650 watt 120 Volt ac heater uses 13 amps.

The 5500 watt 240 volt ac heater pulls just under 23 amps but has great water heating abilities. This heater can also be run on 120 volt AC power. It will draw the same 23 amps but has a heating power of 2750 watts. 

Here are the full specs of each heater.

The 1650 watt heater produces 5400 BTU's and will raise the temperature of 648 gallons of water 1 degree F per hour. Please note, this does not account for the heat lost from your system.

The 5500 watt heater produces 18700 BTU's and will raise the temperature of 2244 gallons of water 1 degree F per hour. ​Please note, this does not account for the heat lost from your system.

Please note, for the 5500 Watt unit, the plug for this heater is not supplied with the heater, as there in not a true standard for the plug. You will need to provide and have installed by a licensed electrician the plug that attaches to the unit as well as the wall plug. The plug you need will need to be 240 Volt AC 30 amp. Alternatively you can have the unit hard wired in, which is how we have installed our own. For the 2750 watt heater, you can hard wire or add a 30 amp plug for 120 volt power.

We keep all parts in stock to custom build the units as orders come in, please allow 5 days for construction and testing before we ship. We want to make sure it is right the first time. In the event we do not have parts in stock at the time that you order, we will notify you to let you know what the approximate lead time is for your unit/s to ship out.

When you look at the images you can see pictures of our heaters installed in a customers fish tanks, and if you read the reviews , you will see what his results are.

Please note. We are not responsible for injury or death or loss of property due to use or mis-use of these products nor special orders of said products.