Ultra Scrim SR 20 WW
Ultra Scrim SR 20 WW
Ultra Scrim SR 20 WW

Ultra Scrim SR 20 WW

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Ultra Scrim SR 20 WW (white on both sides)

When strength and flexibility are in need, Ultra Scrim SR 20WW is a great choice!  This film compares to a 20 mil film.  It is a 3-ply laminate combining two layers of LLDPE (linear, low density polyethylene) and a very strong cord grid. Great for use in indoor aquaponics applications. It's a bright white in color or black, please let us know which you prefer. Please note there is a one week lead time for manufacturing.

Above and Beyond Benefits of this RPE film:

Class A, ASTM-E 1745 Standard Specifications for water vapor retarders in contact with soil or granular fill under concrete slabs.

  • Custom shapes available. Not too many films offer this option. Add tie-downs, grommets, hems, zippers and 3-D shapes to suit your project!
  • Length of all rolls is 100'.
  • So strong you can re-use it!  Multiple layers and the cord reinforcement resists tears and gives this film a long life.
  • Easy handling due to the flexibility and light weight of the film. Installation time is reduced.
  • For use in greenhouses.
  • Moisture transmission is inhibited due to the low permeability of this film.
  • Extremely cold temperatures are not a problem. (-40 degrees)

USABLE TEMPERATURE RANGE: Minimum - 40   ̊ F to Maximum of 170  ̊ F